Communication agency business for foreigners

Supports mobile phone・internet environment
Foreigners who make mobile phones
  1. arrowWe will accompany you to the store to select the plan from complicated contract procedures and propose the best plan.
  2. arrowSupports initial settings after contract completion! We will hand it in a usable state.
  3. arrowFull support for consultation after contract completion, high fees, and wanting to remove options!
●Cost example
  • ①20GB/Take 5minutes 2,970yen
    ・Contract handling fee 3,300yen・Cancellation penalty 1,100yen
  • ②3GB 1,480yen~
    ・Contract handling fee 0yen・Cancellation penalty 0yen
  1. arrowOnly two things are required at the time of contract! Residence card and passport only
  2. arrowNo need for troublesome contract procedures that you don't know what to do!
  3. arrowWith reliable support even after the construction is completed! We will set the Wi-Fi in the room.
●Cost example
  • ①Mansion type 3,800yen~
    ・Contract handling fee 3,300yen・Separate construction cost
  • ②Detached type 5,200yen~
    ・Contract handling fee 3,300yen・Separate construction cost